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Submitted on
November 26, 2008
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Wake up,
to light not hot enough
to burn all our issues
to ashes
       but warm enough to
       cast hooks down to
           your frown,
           and tug at the ends of
           your mouth
           are you happy now?

            I'm going out of my mind
            I don't mean crazy this time
            my head is in the sky
            out of body, out of sight
   I see the moon at night
   so there's no need to be scared
   I dream with my eyes open wide
   so I don't need to travel there
   to be up at great heights
   looking down and I stare
   at boys and girls all alike
   and the world that we share

birds rely on the air
they only value a good wind
yet you're jealous
with all your wallets and bags
full of nothing but problems
problems, problems
and they're weighing you down

     but I guess,
     It's on days like these
     when I can hear the heavens call
     I come to see that I'm not me
     I'm just one human after all
photo from :iconfantasystock: , she has good stock photos if you're into that.

scene in my head: In the stoneage, they didn't need to go into space. They dreamed of being out there, and they saw way more than we do nowadays...back then, every dreamer was an astronaut.

Way Gone [link]
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Annerb Dec 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest - it's not my favorite. Actually, I liked the description of the poem (back then everyone was an astronaut). It made me like the poem a bit more.
not my favourite either, after it was written down.
It's just very hard for me to get this one's idea down onto paper the right way.
Annerb Dec 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bet. It sounds like it would be. But it's such a good idea. Keep with it! :D
"every dreamer was an astronaut."
God, I love that.
I like the picture you ended up using-it fits marvelously
I was worried about it...haha
very good. I like the concept.
I'm glad you do, thanks :)
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