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I keep forgetting to turn my sadness into poetry.
So I'm the bottom of a quicksand pit and there's nothing lower.
If you see me dancing, take my hand. Make me dance slower.
I'm probably trying to undress from my skin.
I want every girl to be proud to have had sex with me.
I keep a naked picture of my ex in my wallet.
I don't look at it.
But I'll picture her on my new mattress.
Even though I'm laying in it with a new girl.
My father told me about the woman he loved most.
It's neither of my mothers.
Crazy how I'm alive because of one of his regrets.
My body is as big as my bedroom.
Certain things keep me pinned.
Like my laptop, my TV, the heater, my blanket.
And boxes whose contents are unknown to me.
I am the same boy who wrote poems before I left my family behind.
But I'm a different man for coming home.
I've never met a shade
that looked more like you.

I'm still working on fireworks that explode into photos.
That way we can power the city on the heartbeats
of everyone who saw the sky flash your smile.

How does it feel to be the hand that picked the Big Apple?
How does it feel to hold the keys to the Cloud Gate?
Tell me, how does it feel when you spin your favorite records on the Space Needle,
And dance on the moon in mid-afternoon, with the future tucked safe in your back pocket?

What if I told you it's everything you've wanted?
What if I told you...
that I was part of the picture?
Would you dance for me, too?
Would you go slow like a whale sinking to the ocean floor,
so I can feel these walls fill to the ceiling with your pulse under my fingers?

The same fingers that laced yours on the mattress where we slept.
Where we drowned in the longest breath of fresh air.
In a submarine of can't-let-shit-go, you surrounded my radars
and I loved the sound of your presence.

I didn't have to be in the other room with you to caress your body
as you cooked food or pulled your panties down to pee.
My hands were always on you even when you couldn't feel me,
because you knew when I would if I had the chance.
And that was always, until it wasn't.

Now I'm left in your vast blue and I don't know which way to swim to the surface
and something in my lungs doesn't want to find out,
wants to drown in your favorite color,
wants to use my last word to call your name like sonar
and tell me where you are
so I can tell you where I've been.

I have so much to say.
I was raised in a home of contradictions.

When my stepmother said she loved me,
she meant, "I'll never be your mother and you'll never have one."

When my father said you're in a better home now,
he meant, "I'm sorry I can't protect you from my mistakes.

When my mom told me not to go,
to stay with her,
to stay home,
she never reached for the car door.
She never touched my face or kissed my head.
She put my bag back in the car and watched my dad
drive me off to a house of people I could call family.
Sept. 2015

The moon bleeds
from her pussy.

The dead egg washes up,
across the ocean,
as a jellyfish some child pelts
with hollow crab shells.

I'm on a fire escape
watching her body cry
in twice the size.

I move my hand
to grasp her and
miss every time.

Instead I graze windows
with my hand's gaze,
brushing an old man
talking to himself,
a couple in bed
fully clothed,
a woman in the shower
who I'll only see so free
this once.
tell me what happened and what you felt.


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United States
my name is Vincenzo.

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