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winter isn't quilts and netflix.
it's for cabins made of vertical bookshelves,
spines separating you from the wolves.
some of us will walk with hands to bare air,
while the rest of us fill our pockets to keep
the quarters from rousing the homeless.

i'm going to send a letter to my childhood address.
not a poem. not here, nor for you.

these film strips don't add up to a story.
much less than snow adds up to a man.
even less than light adds up to a body.
take mine, in a fit of dancing gold and godly
i'll smile if it means you think i mean it,
for a moment i thought you think about me,
this sign, reaching out in straight lines,
cutting corners, breaking rules and rulers,
don't smile because i'll think you mean it,
don't clean your name like a plate about to drop,
stop caring what words can be pulled from losses,
let silence eat silence for breakfast,
buy a bullet, call a cab, and knock on pity's door,
let 'em know who's who in town now.
i kissed a gemini                 twice
in a suit donned for dinner
with another constellation

my tongue is a tie
and a black sword
blade edge to my manhood
that gemini tugs like a leash
she wants to wear

right here in times square
where faces light up like a ghost town
of tom waits cigarettes

they follow me to my date
in the shadows of every candle
eating the smoke around her words
leaving air for our names to emerge
we unravel at the kite strings in our lungs
screaming new ones

is this what i've become?
I should have given myself to anyone
who's ever wanted to fuck me.
The sex you have isn't yours.
Heat isn't the hand it comes from,
and an orgasm isn't the muscle convulsing,
nor the neck saying, "Cum for me."
It isn't even the experience.
It isn't even the memory of the experience.
You are more than you, whether
you intend or intend not to.
You leave a trace wherever you go.
A slit sugar packet with blood and arms.
The sex you have isn't yours.
So I should have had sex with anyone
who's ever wanted to fuck me,
so that I can belong to someone other than myself
for a little while.
My mother has become a black cloud, collecting in her room.
I shut her door when I read.
When I play music.
When I'm on the phone.
When she talks too much.
When I'm changing.
I shut her door without knowing why sometimes.
Since I moved in with my father, I've made it a habit to forget where I came from.
Who I came from.
Since I moved out on my own, I've taken up forgetting what I look like.
Who I look like.
Since my mother's news, and her surgery three months overdue, I try to remember everything.
How many steps lead up to her apartment.
The average number of gummis that come in the fruit snacks.
How low I can twist the light's dial before I see my demons peeking from corners.
The difference between choking on blood in your  sleep and it's-only-a-loud-snore.
When my mom's work alarm will blast on different weekdays so I can migrate from the couch to her bed.
When she limps out of the front door, I'm curled in the crease where her frame has sagged on the mattress, and I can fit my face where the place for her neck has dipped.
I wonder if she's cried here without my knowing.
I check the material for wet spots: yellow-vanilla.
I press my ear on the bed to listen for a recent history of sadness.
I fall asleep imagining a conversation with my mom, and her mom, who I never met.
My mother says, "Mom, this is my son."
My grandmother looks at me and says, "He is beautiful."
I say, "Grandma, this is my mother, your daughter."
And I look at her and say, "She is beautiful."
And these women smile.
So hard their faces fold into the wings of an Acrea Moth,
kicking up gusts with infinite laughter.


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United States
my name is Vincenzo.

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